Warmink Clock

The Warmink clock was produced by a company founded in 1929, in Almelo, a small town in the Netherlands. The Warmink clock is also known as the WUBA clock, this because the company originally was called Warmink Uurwerken en Barometers Almelo (WUBA). Later on, they switched to the company name Warmink. This company dominated the Dutch clock industry because the Warmink clock made quality clocks. And one can say that during the 60s and 70s almost every Dutch household owned a Warmink clock. Also, Warmink clocks company produced many different types of clocks. The famous Zaanse clock. Or the Sallander clock. And not to forget the impressive Friesian clock. Unlike a German clock, a Warmink clock has more decorations and their own unique design. Although the Warmink clock is not made today anymore, because of their quality and timeless design, a Warmink clock is still popular today and a real collector’s items. So please take a look at and maybe you will find your Warmink clock.